ColdFusion Cloud Hosting: Our Unique Specialty

ColdFusion Web Site Hosting: Get Your Site Online Fast

What is ColdFusion?

ColdFusion is a commercial rapid application development platform created by J. J. Allaire in 1995. It is a programming language that makes it easy to create dynamic web applications. ColdFusion is currently owned by Adobe, and the latest version is ColdFusion 2023.

Why use ColdFusion?

ColdFusion is a popular choice for web development because it is easy to learn and use, and it offers a wide range of features and capabilities. ColdFusion is also highly scalable, so it can be used to create small websites and large enterprise applications.

ColdFusion in the cloud

Cloud hosting is a great way to deploy ColdFusion applications because it offers a number of advantages, such as scalability, reliability, and affordability. offers a variety of cloud ColdFusion hosting plans to fit your budget and needs.

ColdFusion Hosting has been our unique facet at BMCHosting since 1996. ColdFusion 2023 is our most current version. Older ColdFusion versions are available upon request (cf2016 and cf2018). Additional technologies (PHP/ASP/ASP.NET/HTML) are also available. ColdFusion was originally created in 1995 and designed for rapidly building rich internet applications with the thought of having to write fewer lines of code. Sign-up

BMCHosting is known for being a leader in the hosting industry, and that is why we transitioned our ColdFusion services to the cloud computing environment.

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For over two decades, ColdFusion has delivered an end-to-end web solution for productively and effectively building highly functional and complex web sites and web applications of significant complexity and richness. The secret to ColdFusion's endurance is constant evolution and adaptation to changing application patterns and requirements. This evolution continues with ColdFusion 2023, which builds new mobile development capabilities on top of the multiparadigm integration capabilities of the platform.

BMChosting's premier ColdFusion services run on the Microsoft Azure cloud. Cloud computing offers you flexible resources for scaling, speed, security, and state-of-the-art computing.

Our traditional BMChosting services run on state-of-the-art Dell PowerEdge servers with an array of multi-core processors, the fastest hard drives with RAID configurations, and redundant power supplies.

Whether you need simple hosting for personal or advanced hosting for your business, our dedicated and/or shared hosting plans will meet your needs. ColdFusion hosting prides ourselves in building services that are reliable and professional in value and resources. Our professionalism knows what it takes to develop, host, and maintain your applications. Our own website and internal applications are written and run on ColdFusion, that should be noted when shopping between ColdFusion hosting providers.